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Alert Alert! We are introducing an exciting spell combo that accommodates four different castings! The goal is to make your beloved realize that you are the only one, and that no one compares to you! This combination can be used in a variety of situations. This four-spell combination will give your target a strong amount of energy to create the feeling of oneness in his/her mind. This foursome can be used in several situations whether you are hoping for your lover's return or wanting your partner to date you exclusively. Since Diana's I am your one and only spell is cast for 21 days, the other three spells will also be cast for 21 days. Please know that there will be no report from Diana for her I am your one and only associated with this foursome. If you wish to obtain a report from her, please consider purchasing I am your one and only on its own. With this foursome, you receive four spells, three of which are of increased potency, at a reduced price.However, due to the extreme potency, please know that you will likely feel this casting as well as your intended target.


The castings in this combo are:


Nobody But Me! Make Them Feel You Are The Only One!


The Custom Mass consists of an energetic three-week casting designed for both men and women. Therefore, the target can be a man, a woman, or a member of the LGBTQ community. We attempt to render them unreachable to other men or women when we cast this. The spell creates exclusivity in the 5th dimension, and it's an order translated into the 3rd dimension. The person of your choice realizes that you are the only one for them. This energetic envelope creates a double-edged situation. One, it gets them to think about you obsessively; two, it gets them to become disdainful of the person they are with. In order to get results, energetic envelopes need to be repeated to build energy around them until you get signs.


Be Their Most Important Person! No Boundaries Morphic! Get Them Obsessed!


It is similar in concept to "Be Their Heart" but with a strong obsession component. Your specific person cannot stop thinking about you all day and night! Your specific person is so infatuated with you! They want to see you all the time! He or she cannot get you out of his or her mind! It is an intense energy that permeates your target's mind and connects with the surrounding field. 

This casting will be felt by you as well as by your target. The purpose of Morphic casting is to connect energies and surrounding fields. Some of you will benefit from increased communication, while others will benefit from increased physical contact. It is recommended to repeat periodically to build up energy around the target.


I AM Your ONE and ONLY Single Run By Diana


I am your ONE and ONLY is a three weeks casting done by our Hoodoo Practitioner Diana. It stabilizes a Target and makes the target believe that the seeker (you) is the ONLY person for them. It is a very good spell if your target has a wandering eye so that he/she will focus solely on you. 


Crazy only about me by Akio! 


This is an extremely powerful obsession spell that creates exclusivity. In the eyes of the target, nothing can compare to you. You are the only one in the target's mind. It is not an action spell. It is a mind spell creating a unique obsession that will last for years in the life of your target even if they are not with you, or if they are with someone else. In their minds, nothing and no one will compare to you. 



4 in 1 I am the only one Combo!

  • Number of days cast: 21

    Target: males or females

    Yields pictures, report,notes, video:  none

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