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Warning. This is not a spell, but a possession with conjugation! Erin will invoke Lilith's omnipotence to obtain possession of the person you choose. Erin's goal is to get Lilith's help so that your lover can completely devote himself to you and you alone. You will be on his/her mind day and night. You will always be in the thoughts of your lover. It is Lilith who will have a strong influence on the bewitched, and you will become the object of his/her obsession. Lilith usually works on men, but our High Priestess Erin is experienced at requesting assistance for Lilith to possess women as well. This is not spell magic, but vampire possession. Your target, man or woman will feel the presence of Lilith at night. They will not know what is coming to them. Your target will neither be tormented not traumatized as this is not an Intranquil. They will simply wake up with the thought of you on their mind. It is recommended to repeat until the desired result is reached. Erin will send notes.


Black Magic Lilith Love Obsession Possession of a Man or Woman By Erin

  • Number of days cast: 11

    Target: males or females

    Yields pictures, report,notes, video: notes

    If we do not receive this form we will not be able to process your order.

    Process: step 1. Fill out all the requirements step 2. upload your pictures in the order form or send pictures to Erin step 3. Erin will prepare your order step 4. your order will be sent to scheduling 24 to 72 hours after being prepared step 5. check your spam folder step 6. receive your notification of the dates of the spell step 7. receive your one-time notification of your order being cast. Warning ⚠️ Not sending pictures or info will result in scheduling delays!!

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