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This is NOT a class. This is an individualized spell cast in front of you on Zoom by Jen. She will prepare and cast the spell pertaining to you and your enemy on camera with you. She will involve you in the chanting of the spell and cleanse you while in session and cast this curse spell on your target. We are real! 

No report is given but on camera Jen will tell you what she sees in the flame. This is a Demonic, Hoodoo, Cleansing spell in three. This is a one on one session. Only you and Jen will be on camera and no one elses. Jen will be wearing a mask. A zoom link will be sent to you. Do not worry if the time says 30 min on the link. Zoom does not allow us to put 60 min on the link but the session is 60 MIN long and you will be in session for 60 Min. We suggest that if you intend to reserve this session you do so quickly. Typically we find that when we advertise Zoom sessions they tend to be booked pretty fast. You do not need to buy any ingredients just bring yourself in a quite place where you won't be disturbed. 

Curse Your Enemy Spell Live Casting with Jen!

  • Full name of your enemy only

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