You can use this spell to prevent your loved one or the one you are interested in from performing with anyone other than you. This spell is not an impotence spell per se. It is an energetic envelope placed on your target -and yes, the vibrant envelope is placed there- Typically, the person will not perform with another person other than you. If you have not been intimate with this person, don't worry. He will only get an erection when he thinks of you but cannot function with anyone else. This spell can help destroy that relationship or marriage if this person is in a relationship/marriage with someone else. Our recommendation is to order more than once since people notice their body functions differently over time. We recommend being focused and patient. You may order this spell more than once if you decide that your man will only ever be able to perform with you. Clients' targets even confess that they have problems with other people so be patient. It is a Custom Mass Style and is cast for three weeks, so it is long without a report. Needless to say, the targets of this spell must be males. 

Blue Penis Spell! Keep Him Only for yourself and unable to Be with Another!

  • Picture of your target Only the face is OK!!!

    Full name of target 

    Date of birth of Target 

    Send everything to Erin soon after you order