This is a limited service. You can order this as many times as you want while it's offered! Setting of lights is a wish and not a spell but this is a Demonic setting of lights so not your typical setting of lights. This a New Moon setting of lights is for love, lust, reconciliation, obsession, desire, lovers come together. ONE wish per settings! No more than one. The wish is called petition and should not have more than two small sentences. If the sentences are long Jen will edit. It is a great way to see where you stand in your situation!!

How it works: You order and you send the information as usual. We forward this information to our owner Jen. She will do this PERSONALLY!

She will take your request, dress a small candle, say a small Demonic praise and mass, and burn it for you. She will then give you a report about what she sees in the burning. She will also send you a couple of photos for transparency. This is a great service and a limited one!! Get it while it last!! Setting of lights are a lot of work and they need to be attended at all times. This type of service will be offered only sporadically. This helps our owner Jen look into the situation of our clients more closely.


Demonic Setting of Ligths for Love, Lust!

  • This is a love spell 

    We need a picture of you, full name, your Date of Birth.

    A separate picture of your target, full name of target

    Your request (200 characters max: two small sentences. For example "John Doe Lust for me, Love me!")

    After you ordered, send everything to