Diana's divorce package for the upcoming summer. Not only for divorce but also for separation of a couple. It's a bit different this year. In order to allow clients to monitor closely the progress they are making in their target and make adjustments or order a second package in the middle of summer, Diana has created a mini-package for two months instead of four. If you plan on ordering the package twice for added power, we recommend starting early so that you can take advantage of the full summer. The Divorce package is usually cast in a summer heat with the remains of the spell fed to ant nests (the Ants ritual). Diana will then perform a Damnation ritual on the couple during the package as well as a nasty curse on them on two occasions during the package. 

How does the Divorce Package work?

The Divorce Package is a set of castings intended to separate a couple. 

What is the duration of the casting?

Typically, the overall casting process takes four months. The divorce package has been split into two months at a time this summer.

What is included in the package?

A set of seven candles and two dolls that symbolize a couple. 

A ceremony for Initial Damnation

To accompany the burning set, one Damnation ritual lasting 15 days will be performed

Nasty Curse ritual lasting 15 days with inflammatory fights.

-An overall report of how everything went 

This is a very intense casting. Erin will need everything shortly after the order is placed.

Diana's Mini Divorce Package 2022! With Curse and Damnation Ritual!

  •  A picture of each target separately

    Full names of both

    At least one date of birth or both if you know both.

    Send everything to Erin soon after ordering for quick processing.