Diana's Divorce/Breakup Super Package is BACK!!!


What is this product? This is an enhanced Divorce/Breakup Spell that Diana usually casts in the summer for her clients. It was put on hold last year because of the COVID since it requires a gathering of nine casters at times. This is a very powerful spell that is cast throughout the whole Summer and going into the early Fall. It is a 16 weeks casting and it has both Hoodoo and Demonic traits and this year it also has a Damnation trait. 

Over the years, this long spell has terminated couples or has given significant damage to a couple that could not be repaired. This means that the Damnation element WILL STAY WITH THEM!! 

-They will not look at each other the same way!

-They will say to each other things that are cruel and vindictive!

-They will be nasty to each other!

-They will not be able to stay in the same room!

-One of them will start thinking about leaving the house!

-They will talk to their lawyers!

It is VERY POWERFUL and will stay with them no matter what!

Warning - This is stronger than the previous packages offered by Diana because of the Damnation element!


What is included?

- Basic breakup casting by Diana for 16 weeks

- Ants dissolution of marriage/union + Damnation Ritual 

-Invocation of Satanic Spirits for one of the two to leave the other 

-Coven Demonic Ritual of Dissolution

-Proper Burial with Cerimony at the end of the 16 Weeks

-Three Reports and Pictures given!

Not to be taken Lightly!

This is a serious product for very serious people! 

You MUST have an open mind about this product.

You MUST send ALL the specific required information

You MUST wait patiently for reports and pictures to be sent

You MUST put yourself in receiving and humble mode.


NOTE: You are purchasing a service. This is a spiritual service done on your behalf for 16 weeks! By purchasing this product you agree that this is a service and you aknowldege that results may vary. You are hiring us to perform a service for you for 16 weeks. 

Diana’s Divorce/Breakup Super Package w/ Damnation of the Couple (16 Weeks Cast)

  • A Picture of each target separately with no sunglasses on (Do not send a picture of them together)

    Full name of each as given at birth. 

    Date of births of each (for this one is necessary)

    Place of birth of each if known

    Their place of current residence. 

    send everything to shinem26@gmail.com