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There is no doubt that this is an intense product from Ariah! The aim is to make two people fight, argue, and realize they are not meant to be together. Most often, it is cast on couples in order to make them realize they cannot be together or cannot continue arguing, but it can also be cast between coworkers, neighbors, to end a friendship, or to bring discord between two family members. People targeted by Extreme Discord experience the phenomenon in different ways and in ways that are customized to their personalities. People who are naturally non-confrontational will not fight, for example. If someone is non-confrontational, Extreme Discord will exacerbate their resentment, feelings of being taken advantage of, and ultimately will lead to passive aggressive behavior, such as slamming doors or giving the silent treatment. It is necessary to recognize that people end relationships in different ways, and not everyone will do so with a scream. The beauty of Extreme Discord is that it will find the most effective way to adhere to the targets and act accordingly. The cast will be on for 15 nights! During the entire Waning Moon period. For this cast, there is no report available. Ariah may or may not use a DUME candle in conjunction with the ritual if the targets are resisting. If the targets are resisting and the DUME is added to bring misery it will be at no additional cost to you.  Repeat until results are achieved. 



Extreme Discord By Ariah! Increase Arguments Between Two People!

  • Full names of both targets

    A separate picture of both targets. 

    Dates of birth if you have them.

    City where they live if you know.


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