This is a nine-night casting by Ariah with the purpose of bringing your beloved back to you. Every night, your target receives a very strong command. There is a sense of urgency that compels your target to return to you. We recommend repeating periodically until results are achieved. This spell has the following requirements:

It has been less than six months since your target left your life.

The two of you are not in contact now, but you would know how to reach him/her and he would know how to reach you.

Whether you haven't spoken for a week or six months, this spell can help. Please contact us before ordering this spell if you haven't spoken to your target for more than six months. Although we do not have a report for this casting, our clients and their targets often feel the effects of energetic spells. 



Extreme Return To Me By Ariah!

  • Full names of both 

    Your date of birth

    Your target's date of birth if you have it and are certain

    A separate picture of each of you

    Send everything to Erin soon after ordering