This is our Super Powerful Breakup Spell by our High Priestess Erin with Ariah. It is a 7 weeks casting. It yields notes (one report) and it is Satanic in nature. This Breakup is our Summer Long Breakup that aims to disintegrate a couple's hopes to remain together. You have several options here. The Basic ritual includes:

One DUME Spell

One Demonic Ritual weekly (7 Demonic Praises) 

One Spell with Voodoo elements of : Sulfur (to make things bitter), Mullein ( to end attraction between the two), Goofer Dust (to curse the relationship), Cayenne Pepper (to instill intolerance), Poppy Seeds (for Irritation) . An excellent combination to use when you wish to ruin someone's relationship.

$480 is the 7 Weeks Ritual with All mentioned above. You may also have accessories that need to be purchased separately on Paypal

1) You have the option of adding a customized Master Satanic Ritual with specific request which has disruption elements to it for $140 (A great deal for a Disruption Ritual). You may add as many Master Rituals as you wish throughout the 7 weeks. Paypal Link for this accessory here :

You may add a Rotten Egg at week 2 (See Listings)

You may add a Toxicity Spell at week 5 (See Listings)

You may also request for us to send you a customized candle for you to burn at the end of the seven weeks. 

NOTE: We ONLY send the candle within the US.

Candle is optional. Everything else is done by us and you can add as many accessories to your spell as you wish throughout the 7 weeks. 

This is our Summer Breakup Spell for this year.

Fixed Destruction of a Couple! Disintegrate Their Hopes For The Future!

Add Master Ritual on Paypal $140: Master Ritual
Add Rotten Egg Part I $150 on Paypal: Rotten Egg
Add Toxicity at week 5 $170 : Toxicity
Customized Candle (US ONLY) on Paypal $55: Customized Candle
  • Your Targets FULL Name 

     Picture of your Targets  (one picture of each and not a couple's picture)

    Date of Births of Both if known

    Please send this information soon after you order at the email address appearing on your receipt 

    If you are ordering with Our Paypal Link remember to put the name of the spell and all the information above in the note space.