It is an energetic work cast conducted over two consecutive weeks in order to be magnetic and attractive to your target. Since this energy places a sweet aura around you, it may also attract other people. However, the primary focus is on your target, as we are connecting this energy with him or her as well. We believe this is an excellent product if your relationship with your target is stuck or stalled, or if you feel it is not moving forward quickly enough, or if you feel you need a push to be seen by your target from a new and exciting perspective. There is no report available for this casting.

Get His/Her Full Attention! Become Magnetic and Irresistible to your target!!

  • A separate picture of you and your target.

    Full names of everyone involved.

    Your date of birth. Your target's date of birth if you have it. 

    Send everything to Erin shortly after ordering. 

    Orders are processed within 24-48 hours.

    Orders made during the weekend are processed the next business day.