This is a Demonic Assault on your rival! Best works if the target is a woman. It is a ten days long casting and the effects can be devastating! It creates fights, mishaps, problems and situations that make their lives stressful and impossible. Usually those who order this spell are able to see what this does to their target(s) but that might not always be the case (especially if you are not in proximity of your targets). This curse is aimed at breaking and destroying a bond of relationship/marriage. And it is very effective at doing so.

Therefore, we need one picture of each person on its own. Best if cast in Waning Moon. Great to pair with the upcoming Coven Cast! 

He Will Hate Her! Demonic Assault!

  • Full name of both (him and her)

    Picture of him 

    picture of her 

    dob only if you have and are certain they are accurate