Be very careful when ordering the Hot Footing. Many people, both normal folks and spell casters, misunderstand the power of hot foot products. And the consequences of not understanding how Hot Foot Products work are dramatic. 

The first thing you need to know about ANY and ALL of the Hot Foot Products or Spell is that they are GEOGRAPHIC.

So if you for example have a neighbor or a coworker or a stalker that is really annoying to you the HOT FOOT Spell woks great because in the long run the spell removes the geographic proximity of this person to you thereby removing that person from your life. You can also use that on a rival that is NOT currently with your partner or is a mistress/lover of some kind. Pay extreme attention however when you want to use the HOT FOOT on a married couple or someone who is engaged or living together.

Many people indeed order or use Hot Foot product on the wife or the girlfriend. And if ordered incorrectly they BOTH wind up moving away from the querent. So I would always suggest to NEVER do a HOT FOOT alone on a wife or girlfriend. To always couple the hot foot with a breakup, separation or toxicity work. And to know the address of where the couple lives so that you can do the hot footing on the partner you want out by hot footing him/her from THAT address while keeping your love interest where it is. Always do some love work on your love interest while you are doing this. The hot footing is NO JOKE!

Nothing is shipped to you 

A report is sent to you within three weeks.


Hot Footing Spell!