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This is a new way of targeting a couple. Let us begin by saying that this type of spell is rarely offered because it is quite the heavy preparation work and must be cast on a coven. This is entirely demonic and does not yield a report. The purpose of this spell is to pinge the mind and body of a person to separate from the other. We are also using the help of our Morphic caster to increase negative energy vibrations. 

What this spell does is that it creates an aura of disgust and distance on both targets so that gradually they will not be able to stay in the same room without fighting. This spell will create a specific interaction between targets "whenever they get close to each other they fight and so it is best not to be in proximity or in the same room"

This is a very powerful spell that can be used on married couples and on couples that live together so that they realize they need to break away. It is cast for 10 nights. It can be ordered on any moon cycle.This is an energetic spell so we recommend to repeat this one periodically to build up negative energy around your targets. If used correctly and cast on a steady basis, this spell will drive the targets away from one another. 



I Can’t Stand You! Break Up Energy on a Couple or Married Couple!

  • Full name and picture of Him

    full name and picture of her

    Date of births ONLY if you know and are sure.

    City where they are located. 

    Send everything after you ordered to





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