This is a very potent spell that creates disaster into a couple! Sexual Disaster, Disaster of expectations and distaster of hopes for the future! It is a TWO WEEKS LONG SPELL! It starts with the Lime Curse  for a couple -which is done on video and the video is sent to you!- then it proceeds with ten days of infernal invocations and summoning aimed at creating a point of no return or a conversation the couple may struggle to recover from. 

It does not give a report but it gives a video at the beginning. The jar with the lime curse is brought onto the casting during the second part of the casting. 

After the spell is cast, you might want to observe for about a month and probably repeat for enhanced power. 

Can be done in any moon time. New Moon, Full Moon or Waning Moon. For the Lime Curse all we need is the full name of both. 

For the 10 days summoning we need full name of both and a picture of each with no sunglasses on. 

Date of Births are not necessary. 

Powerful and real!

Infernal Romanian Grimoire with Lime Curse for Breakup of a Couple!

  • Soon after you order, please send the following to

    Full name of both targets.

    A picture of each target (Not a picture of them together )with NO sunglasses on.