Do you want to punish someone who has rejected you? Did someone close the door on your face? Do you want this person to suffer? The Jinx Spell accomplishes exactly that. It is meant to prevent that man or woman to be happy and it causes bad luck, confusion, bad luck in love, failure and bad luck in finances. May also cause temporary illness however not die. 

Make sure you are not hoping for the return of this person to you.

It can also be done to a neighbor, a petty relative, someone at work, someone you think has it with you..

A small video is made of this Hoodooish/ Demonic casting.

No report is given.

Jinx HIM/HER for Not being with you!

  • Your Target's FULL Name 

     Picture of your Target (one picture where eyes are shown no sunglasses on)

    Date of Birth if known

    Please send this information soon after you order at the email address appearing on your receipt 

    If you are ordering with Our Paypal Link remember to put the name of the spell and all the information above in the note space.