This is an intense 21 days casting (coven and single altar cast) it gives no report. It has elements of Demonic, Hoodoo and Telepathy Magic. Let us begin by explaining what it does and then we will go over situations and disclaimer. This is a form of Breakup Spell but it also has an element of "Return to Me" or "Breakup and Pick Me". Normally, a Breakup Spell acts on a couple (both) directly. However, sometimes when one of the partners (the one that doesn't want to breakup) notices a change in the relationship he/she immediately tries to repair that relationship (as anyone would do) and it is not to be discounted that this person might also resort to hiring someone like us in order to fix whatever it is that is breaking before their own eyes. This makes our breakup job incredibly difficult because we now deal not only with having to send breakup energy but also with removing opposing forces. Most of the time when a client orders a breakup spell it's because they are in a love triangle and (obviously)one of the parties does not want the breakup. 

Sometimes not wanting the breakup has reasons other than love (finances for example). In this case it is always better to order the Leave her for me for two reasons: you want to make sure to instill in your target the actual desire to leave the person he is with and you also want to make sure your target picks you (and not someone else) after leaving. These are very important and complicated dinamics at play. In fact, when you breakup a couple (and you succeed in your intent) all you have done is ....well ...the breakup! That does not fix your problem as you now have a free man or woman ready to date someone else and not necessarily you. 

We want to be clear here! THIS IS NOT INSTANT MAGIC! WE ARE NOT HARRY POTTERS! What this spell does is that it starts creating in your target the desire of leaving the person he/she is with FOR YOU. And depending on where they are with their relationship this might take one order or more (depending on what kind of movement you get and how resistant your target is to the idea of truly and factually making the switch) but it's worth a try! If anything, your target will know in his/her subconscious that if he/she were to leave their partner he/she must come to you!

This spell is very VERY specific folks and NOT to play with. 

Who should order this spell?

- You are in a love triangle with a man/woman who won't leave their partner but still keeps you around with the promise they will.

- You want to start a relationship with this person but they are not free to pursue you

- This person is in a bad marriage/relationship and they are stuck and cannot get out of it

- You are growing frustrated by the day and this steals years of your life as well.


THIS IS AN ATTEMPT! RESULTS VARY DEPENDING ON SITUATIONS It is always a good idea to get a consult with Jen after this spell has been cast. 

This is very specific energy and requires exact name, last names and dobs of all involved and clear separate pictures of all. 


Leave Her For Me Spell for Love Triangle Situations!

  • Please send everthing to soon after you order!

    Your Full Name 

    Date of Birth 

    Picture of you alone no sunglasses on

    Your Target's full name 

    date of birth 

    Picture of him/her alone no sunglasses on

    Your Target's partner NAME (full name)

    picture of the partner alone no sunglasses on

    date of birth of partner ONLY if you have and are sure