This is a three weeks casting with report by Ariah. Have you felt frustrated because your lover is not listening to you? Here are some of the situations this one can help.

-You are dating online and this person refuses to see you in person. 

-Your girlfriend/boyfriend does not have time for you and never wants to see you.

-You are trying to reconnect with someone but he/she is ghosting you.

- You want someone to come to you and so far it has not happened

- You want someone to ask you out

- Your lover is avoiding dates

- Your lover makes up excuses to not take you out

- Your lover will only see you in "private"

- Your lover is not committing 

- Your lover will not introduce you to family or friends

- Your ex Boyfriend is not paying child support

- Your ex is not picking up your kids when he/she has to

-Your boss won't give you a raise or promotion

The possibility are endless here. Essentially, anytime you want someone to do something for you this spell can help. This is an action spell! Great to be cast around Full Moon time. You will get a report one week or so after the last day this spell is cast. 


This is a real attempt. Results may vary. Report will tell you how successful your spell was during casting. 


Lover Listen to Me By Ariah!

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