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Do you have a rival who refuses to leave your side? Could that be your ex-boyfriend's new partner? Perhaps your mother-in-law? A close relative? Your boss? The spouse of your lover? Your wish for revenge is our command! The enhanced miserable bitch will cause the person to become crazy, depressed, sick, restless, unable to perform their task, disrupting the world around them, making everyone around them sick, and alienating everyone. We recommend repeating it more than once. It can be ordered for both males, females, and couples! Proceed with caution. This is a two-week casting. It is best if ordered on the waning moon, but can be ordered at any time during the month.



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Miserable Bitch! Ruin Your Rival's Life!

  • A picture of the target 

    their full name

    their date of birth if you have it and are certain.

    Send everything to Erin for quick processing.

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