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Introducing the Mini by Jen! Minis will only be available for a limited time, but they will be very effective. Jen provides a short video of your casting including the actual casting and a mini reading. This is a wonderful way to see how you are doing with your target. You should not miss the opportunity to bring your love interest closer to you by knowing how the energy attaches to him/her. Understand the pitfalls and what is hindering your success. You will receive a video a few days after casting. The Obsess Over me Now will create a space in your target's mind where you will be placed and not leave with the purpose of constantly being in your target's mind!!! Repeat as often as you like until your desired result is achieved.



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Obsess Over Me Now! Minis By Jen!

  • Pictures of Both 

    Full Names of Both 

    Dates of Birth 

    Send everything to Erin soon after ordering.

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