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It is not a breakup spell per se, but it creates energetic dysfunction between your loved one and their other partner. If you are in a third-party situation and need the upper hand on your beloved and his or her feelings towards you, this is ideal. We recommend repeating this casting from time to time because it really depends upon where your target is with this person. This is an energetic work cast for 14 nights. Depending on their level of involvement and investment, some individuals may realize that their relationship is no longer serving them right away, while others may take a bit longer. The advantage of this approach is that your target will realize in the long run that they would be better off with you. There is no report available for this casting.



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Pull Him/Her away from another!Cause coldness of your beloved toward your rival!

  • A separate picture of each of your targets.

    Their full names 

    Dates of birth if available.

    Send everything to Erin shortly after ordering. 

    Orders are processed within 24-48 hours 

    Orders made on weekends are processed the following business day.

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