This is done by Jen with organic traditional recipes and Solomon key invocations. It is great to pair this with Diana's Package! If you are certain a couple should not be together, this energy that is sent will create dysfunction and feelings of resentment in a couple! Their love will sour and their emotions will depart from one another! He or she will start thinking about how it is so not worth it to continue this way and if you are close to the couple you might hear things such as:

"I can't live my life this way"

"I can't continue this"

Targets will begin disliking each other and critcizing one another! What once united them and made them bond now it is reason for disgust! 

The spirit of hate will descend upon them and they will not want to be near each other. 

All those things they use to like about each other will become reason for disgust and their communication skills to keep the realtionship together will fail them. In the end, this is to make them realize that they should go separate ways.

It is cast for two weeks and gives a report and picture.

Run Devil Break Them UP By Jen!

  • A picture of each target separately with no sunglasses on.

    The full name at birth of each target.

    Send all to