This is a COMMAND on your target! And it's one of the most ancient casts in the world! Augustus was a Roman Emperor known to determine life, love, death and war with his commands. This  is an imperatur Satanic Desire. It's a command to the Darkest Lords unleashed upon your target! It's a command to love, desire, want and achieve! it's cast for seven nights. Best done from first quarter until full moon. The Satanic imperatur is a crazy raw boost of energy bestowed upon your target to love you or else! It will be with us for limited time. A must try if your target is a stubborn one. 



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Satanic Desire Augustus Imperatur Maximum Strength!

  • A picture of you

    A picture of your target

    Full names of both 

    Your date of birth and your target's date of birth if you have it and are sure.

    Send everything to Erin soon after ordering.