This Spell is a Hoodoo Spell performed by our lovely Hoodoo Practitioner Diana. It is cast for seven days and a report is sent to you about three weeks or so after the order is complete. 

This is a good spell to encourage married couples to go separate ways. We have other products in this site that aim to dissolve a union but as you may know it is difficult and painstaking to separate a couple. The Separation spell can be purchased alone or coupled with your Toxicity Spell or coupled with the Inflammatory Fights Spell. 

Hoodoo is very strong work but slow and steady compared to Demonic work. 

The good thing about purchasing Hoodoo work from our Diana is that she then reads the signs of your spell and she will tell whether you need more spells of this kind or you simply need to wait and see. 

Hoodoo work gives signs of what you are up against and again it is your choice what you want to do after.

We advice YOU decide. 

Nothing is shipped to you

Separation Spell! Encourage one Partner to Move Out!

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