These are special candles made upon your request. They have the names of the parties involved inside and are custom made for your own specific needs. I make them with your intent and your names. They come to you ready to be lit and with instructions to use along with the cleaning soap and solution. It is one single, easy to use spell kit for three night casting,These candles must be burned under your supervision. They have herbs and crystals inside along with details to allow for the energy to manifest. They burn over a three night period and are a three nights casting spell. I use ONLY the finest ingredients: Beeswax, Soy Wax, Organic essential oils, organic spirtiual oils, the best of the best! These candles need to be made and dressed with your intentions. It will be shipped to you after 7 to 10 days from the day of the order. Please know shipping is included in this price and you will not pay more than this at check out. Please know that we do not ship to other countries, only within the US. if you want items shipped to your Country please make contact with us so we can customize your request.

Kit contains: Candle, appropriate oil, soap, solution, instructions, chant, formula.

You can order them for

1)Protection (Fiery Wall of Protection, protection of the home, protection of the children)

2) Healing (Heal my releationship, Heal my home, heal my body)

3) Money Drawing (Jezebel and Money stay with me)

4) Love (Attract new love -Come to Me)

5) Obsession/Obsessive Love -Adam & Eve Love  

6) Any specific request 



Spell Candles Kit Made For You with Your Intent!

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