I have received many questions from Youtubers and they are centered on "Am I doing this right?" "Should I put the picture under the candle?" "Should I just use a nick name" "I don't have his/ her Birthday" "When do I add the oil?" "Where do I put the petition paper?". These are some of the questions. So I thought that if you want to try on your own but still require my assistance you can book my Spell Coaching for ONE hour. You need to be able to use Hangouts as we are both going to be on camera. Skype works too. Once you have bought all the material, you book the tutoring, we figure out a day and time that works for both of us and we prepare your spell together. I will instruct you while you prepare so you know you will do this properly. Please make sure to have all the material ready before booking Spell Coaching.


Spell Coaching By Jen (For Those who want to Try on their Own)