Super Nice Reading with Sex Tarots By Jen! This Tarots are very difficult to read but they shed light onto inner motives and aspects that regular Tarot do not do.  They are a better fit to answer questions such as :

  • Will I have sex with him/her?
  • Advise on Sexuality to get your partner or to get your partner aroused
  • Why has our Sex Life decreased
  • What is going on with my person?
  • How does my person feel about me sexually?
  • Is my person sexually attracted to me and what do I represent for this person?
  • What are my person's hopes and fears. 
  • Jen will give a pdf with pictures of the spread 
  • Jen will make contact with you directly when she is ready to schedule your reading (typically within 24 hours)

Tarot of Sexuality Reading By Jen!

$56.50 Regular Price
$46.50Sale Price
  • Name of you and your person

    Picture of you and your person

    a short background of why you are requesting the reading 

    three SHORT questions.