The Coffin Curse is NO Joke folks! Do not take it lightly! 

The Coffin Curse uses rusty nails that were once used to make wooden coffins. They are considered very powerful in ritual magick; much stronger than a pin or other nail. They have been used for Centuries in ritual magick, sometimes for positive spell work, but most often for hexing or spells of malice and harm.

They are used to do the following:

- To put a hex on someone (literally putting a nail in that person’s coffin).  

- Coffin nails are also used in spells of malice.

- To make someone ill.

- To drive them away.

- In Voodoo, they are used to drive a victim insane. 

- They are also used in revenge spells and other destructive magickal workings.

All in all, it torments your enemy and places a crossing condition that is difficult to remove!  

Jen will work on this curse for the entire Waning Moon period (two weeks). It can be ordered both on Waning and Waxing Moon though Waning Moon is best. It can be custmized to your intention. 

Working with Coffin Nails is rare, requires an experienced practitioner, and is extensive work. Please make sure you are clear on your intention. Pictures and analysis of the work is sent to you.

The Coffin Nails Curse on Your Enemy By Jen!

  • Full name of your target

    City the target lives in

    Picture of target (please make sure target is in the picture alone)

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