We are excited to offer this new product which is actually a very old spell. Generated in Africa, in the heartland of Voodoo, this spell grabs your lover's surrounding field and it torments him with the thoughts of you. If you have been ordering our spells and have been feeling our spells when we cast, imagine what this can do to your lover! 

He can't stay a minute without thinking about you.

You will be the total object of their desire

He will Have sleepless night thinking about you

He will be having utmost Jealousy if he feels someone else is trying to steal you away.

Works best when the target is a male.

It is cast by our High Priestess (and Owner) Jen. This is the Power Two of Torment Your Lover and it is cast for  TEN. It has notes at the end.  We also have a Five days casting which is power 1. You may order whichever power you desire. You may want to repeat until desired result is reached.

Please remember to send us pictures and information soon after you ordered.

Torment Your Lover with The Thought of You By Jen! POWER 2!

  • Your Name 

    Your Target's Name 

    Picture of YOU 

    Picture of your Target 

    Date of Births of Both if known

    Please send this information soon after you order at the email address appearing on your receipt 

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