This is the Vinegar Jar added to a particular Demonic Spell Set we offer. The Spell set we add this one onto is the Petition to Malphas, I Can't Stand you and Toxicity Spell. The Vinegar Jar will kick off the montly set and a video will be sent to you before the Jar is sent off to casting along with the three other products. For information on the triple set we add the vinegar jar to you can read here: Inspired by our clients suggestions, we have decided to offer a few different combinations of Demonic Breakup Spells!! Cast together or back to back, these spells are extremely powerful! You can choose to have them cast all three at the same time for a period of 2 weeks OR back to back for ten days each or a total of 30 days of casting. This is energy that DOES NOT leave the couple and stays with them causing day to day damage. We offer here different combinations. For description please refer to single products. This Demonic Set does not yield a report. We prefer the Demonic Set to be ordered on Paypal as it is faster to process. 


Here are the Details of the Vinegar Jar :

 In addition, Jen will prepare a vinegar jar for horrible plagues to be bestowed on the targeted couple. The jar will be prepared on the first evening and a video of the jar will be sent to you. Furthermore, the jar will be sent to the Coven and it will be added to the I can't stand you casting. The Jar will contain special elements of fight like dogs and cats oil and powder along with TIDA and Graveyard Dirt. This is an incredible and unique casting! The Jar will then be buried in Cemetery according to Hoodoo tradition after being run onto a pile of horse feces. Very Powerful!

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Triple Demonic Set with Vinegar Jar By Jen!

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