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We had offered this as a coven cast in the past and clients who ordered saw almost immediate movement from their targets! Depending on where they are with their target some had unexpected visits, some had unexpected proposals! It worked so well for them that we have decided to offer this casting again and we recommend everyone to place a vampire mark on their target. Vampire marks are IRREVERSIBLE which means they will stay with your target. The energy associated with the mark is fluctuating and this is why we always recommend a repeat. This spell however seem to have brought visible movement to many so we recommend not to risk the skip. 

This is the description of the original Vampire mark: 

A vampire mark that will be placed on your target and the mark can be customized to your request. The mark can be a symbol of love, obsession, lust. A team of seven casters will handle this powerful casting.

This is a very powerful energy and you and/or your target might feel this one. Some client have reported that either them or their target felt a sudden heat sensation as if they were enetering a hot room. The heat sensation is not felt by everyone and is only temporary.


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Vampire Mark of Love, Lust, Obsession By Erin!

  • Number of days cast: 7

    Target: males or females

    Yields pictures, report,notes, video: none

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