This is another approach aimed at inspiring lustful thoughts and desire into your person's mind. It is a vampiric spell and it offers a different angle of attachment to your target. It is particularly appropriate for those dealing with a stubborn target. This cast summons an Lilith type vampiric entity that will visit your target during his/her sleep and will suck its way in to provide desire for you in their mind. This is a different product. It's vampiric and Demonic in nature. Summoning is done for 7 consecutive nights. A must try! Repeats are recommended for added power. Note this is typically a summer summoning. 

Vampiric Desire Post Solstice Coven Cast for Extra Strength Lustful Thoughts!

  • Full names of both

    A separate picture of each 

    Your date of birth

    Your target's date of birth if you have

    Send everything to Erin soon after purchasing