This is a video reading. It is a general reading delivered on video so you see exactly what cards are being pulled in regards to your situation. Your video WILL NOT BE PUBLIC! Your video will be UNLISTED. Only you and I will watch the video. The video itself gets deleted within 24 hours. Watch the video above to see how the reading works. We have decided to switch to video readings to provide full transparency to our clients. The reading is done on three MAIN SHORT questions. The questions HAVE TO BE SHORT! We are not reading on long poems. Examples of short questions: How does he/she feel about me? What will happen between us? What do you I need to know about the situation? -these are just examples- The video is delivered to your email recipient usually within 2 days. 

When you send your pictures, names and date of births it would be nice to have a short history of why you are purchasing the reading. 


Video Reading By Jen! General Reading on Video!

  • Your Name 

    Your Target's Name 

    Picture of YOU 

    Picture of your Target 

    Date of Births of Both if known

     a brief history of your situation 

    three short questions.

    Please send this information soon after you order at the email address appearing on your receipt 

    If you are ordering with Our Paypal Link remember to put the name of the spell and all the information above in the note space.