This is more than a video reading. It is an actual consultation on live video with Jen. Our owner Jen has been known to be very close to her clients and very there for them. This consultation allows her to get to know the client and get to the root of the problem in order to be able to help fixing it. During the consultation you will be getting a reading and you can ask questions direcly. She will give you a reading  with multiple spreads and will give you sound advice. Jen will be on video live but will be wearing a mask during her readings and consults. You will be able to hear her clearly and will be able to interact with her. Clients love meeting with Jen on Zoom and we have had excellent reports about their meetings on Zoom with Jen. Our owner is typically very friendly and easy to interact with.

When ordering the Live Consultation you will just put down your name and picture. Allow us 48 Hours to schedule your consultation with Jen based on where in the world you are located. Allow us to find a time that matches for both of you. Once that is done, we will send you the Zoom Link.

It is your responsibility to create a Zoom Account and to know how to operate Zoom. We do not offer any technical assistance. Zoom is pretty easy to use and we do our best to ensure that the times of meetings match.

1 Hour Zoom Consultation with Jen