It is similar in concept to "Be Their Heart" but with a strong obsession component. Your specific person cannot stop thinking about you all day and night! Your specific person is so infatuated with you! They want to see you all the time! He or she cannot get you out of his or her mind! It is an intense energy that permeates your target's mind and connects with the surrounding field. 

This casting will be felt by you as well as by your target. The purpose of Morphic casting is to connect energies and surrounding fields. Some of you will benefit from increased communication, while others will benefit from increased physical contact. It is recommended to repeat periodically to build up energy around the target.




Be Their Most Important Person! No Boundaries Morphic! Get Them Obsessed!

  • Pictures of both

    Date of birth of you

    Location of both

    Send everything to Erin soon after you order.