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This is a Love Demonic Assault! Demonic assaults are not simple spells. This is to alter how someone see you and it works well for both men and women. Is that special someone ignoring you? Not paying attention to you as they should? This assault could potentially change that. This assault is making your target desire you, want you like no other before. This assault gives sensual dreams of you to your target.Demonic assaults are very powerful and stay in the surrounding fields longer. We do suggest repeating until result is reached. It is cast for a long 10 days and yields no report. Clients typically feel this casting. 


Become Very Desirable in Their Eyes! Love Demonic Assault By Erin!

  • A picture of you

    A picture of your target

    Full names of both 

    Date of Birth ONLY if you are certain of your target's date of birth

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