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This is a new Morphic Field casting product. You will feel this casting! It flies so direct into your surrroundings and the target's  surroundings. This is meant to bring you and your target closer. Whether you have been with this person for a while and things have fallen into a routine or whether you want a resistant partner to open up to you or say yes to your sexual advances this Morphic Spell is designed to connect the dots between the two of you. This is a very unique casting! There is no report for this casting as this uses exclusively Morphic energy.

Bring Excitement! Bring Closeness into a relationship or with a specific person!

  • send everything to

    the two most important things that you cannot leave out are:

    YOUR birthdate

    the location (city) of you and the location (city) of your target.

    full names of both 

    one picture of each 


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