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There is nothing more irritating than a female cozying up to your partner! Situations like these must be dealt with ASAP before your partner gets too tempted! This is another one of our BeesWax Creation.

We start by creating a candle from scratch. It's entirely customized and prepared from scratch meaning we don't just get a candle WE MAKE A CANDLE with oils and opportune herbs and encased that in a glass. We then cover that with your name and Your Target's name.

This process takes us about three four days. During the making, Spititual Praises are being done to bring forth your request. We can send you a picture of the customized candle once it is ready. After the candle is ready we will be doing the summoning ritual for you to rid of this third party. Clients who order this spell simply wish for that woman to stop any and all contact with their partner. 


Watch our video of New Moon Casting Here:

BXXXH! Leave My Man Alone!

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