A two-week diabolic summoning by Philomena concludes with a mini-tarot spell reading. It is designed to arouse passion, desire, and lust in your target. The spell torments your target with sensual images of you. As it is an intense spell, it is likely that the target will feel it and will often wake up at night while it is casting. Clients also have reported to Philomena feeling this spell, although it is not a Morphic casting. Excellent product if you wish to inspire your target to lust after you! Her tarot spell reading is comprised of an analysis of you and your target while taking into consideration the ashes of the spell. An excellent Wiccan and Demonic product.

It is best to do this during a full moon, however, it can be done at any time.

Dark Lust By Philomena! Endless Desire Two Weeks Diabolic Summoning!

  • A separate picture of each 

    Full Names of Both

    Your date of birth and your target's date of birth if you have it

    Send everything to Erin upon ordering.