Would you like your target to be completely taken by you and completely charmed by your ways? Is your target resisting your advances so far? Would you like to have better communication with your target, or would you like to be closer with them emotionally and sexually? This spell may help! Cast for two weeks, this diabolic sexual attraction embraces your target with desire for you. The best way to approach this type of casting is to be open-minded as to where you stand with your target right now and to continue working on your target as well as repeating this spell to further your request into the ethereal world until the desired result is reached. You can order this powerful casting anytime during the month, but it is ideal for New Moon to Full Moon rituals. The casting does not generate reports. The spell can be ordered on both males and females of any sexual orientation and in any definition.

Diabolic Sexual Attraction! Make Your Target Crave You!

  • The most important item is a picture of your target alone and with no sunglasses on. We also need a picture of you alone. 

    We need full names of both and your date of birth.

    If you are certain of your target's date of birth you can add that if not it does not matter. 

    Send everything to Erin soon after you order for quick processing