One of the most ancient spells has gone Morphic! 

This is not a simple spell this is a curse! A torment him/her to come to you without hesitation. This spell is cast for seven nights by our Morphic caster and The Defreezer team! The good news about this spell is that it is good for both men and women and can be done successfully on women! It comes with a formula at the end that you will recite at night for seven additional nights. It places a coat on your beloved to ABSOLUTELY come to you! It's intense!!! This Whips your target's soul and makes her/him obsessed! 

This is a pure energy spell and very powerful! We suggest you repeat this one occasionally for energy build up and also because every situation is different.  


Drag HER/HIM By The Hair and Heart! Morphic!

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    His/Her name, picture, city of residence and date of birth (only if you are sure).

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