If anyone has seen my videos they probably have seen the DUME candle and my video explanation of the effects of a DUME candle. In this ritual we burn three of them. Though it still may need to be repeated, this is a strong Hoodoo ritual to cause demise to your enemy. It is the ultimate punishment. 

What is DUME? 

DUME means DEATH, UNDO MY ENEMY. This ritual if done correctly, causes demise, illness, accidents, unknown medical conditions, known medical conditions for which recurrent treatment must be sought, ababndonment of family members, mental illness and ultimately Death.

Does a DUME spell always cause DEATH?

The short answer is NO. It does not. Especially if one done once. But it will cause illness, demise, it will keep enemy busy with their troubles, illness. It can also be customized to your request.

Does a DUME spell cause DEATH if repeated?

We do not decide who stays and who leaves this earth. We do present it as a wish. If repeated along with Demonic Mass then yes the chances of causing the ultimate demise increases.

What does a DUME Spell do?

It basically destroys your target. It also can be used as a Breakup or a cause for Mental Illness. It takes three weeks or so to cast.

DUME SPELL! When You Have Had it with Your Enemy