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Soul ties or soul contracts: what are they? It's a tie between two hearts. If you want to bind your person to you, this is a powerful work. It is most helpful when this person doesn't know whether they want to continue being with you or not; or, when your person has left the relationship very recently and is ghosting you; or, when your person cannot make the decision to move the relationship to the next level , whatever your next step might be in your situation, whether you want to date steadily, be officially dating, get engaged, move in together, or get married. It can also be used if your person is with someone else to attempt their return or to make them realize that no matter where they are or who they are with, they will always remain yours! It is also possible for Ariah to unbind safely if you change your mind in the future. A 15 night casting and yields no report. 


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Extreme You Are Tied and Bound To Me By Ariah! Soul Tie To Your Beloved!

  • A separate picture of you and your person

    Full names

    Dates of birth

    Locations of residence

    It is imperative that you send everything to Erin soon after ordering.  

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