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Have you ever wished to be loved hopelessly by someone special in your life? Do you hope he/she finally realizes your value and what you mean to them? Would you like to be recognized as the one? The purpose of this is just to help your target fall in love with you by using a different approach. With druid Celtic rituals and summoning, it envelops your target's mind in a cloud of love energy. With this ancient Celtic spell, you can make your target see you differently. You can use it to work on your target even if you are only a friend, or if you are only in a sexual relationship with them and desire more, or even if your target does not view you in that way and has already either walked away or decided that there would never be anything between the two of you. It is worth trying this entirely different approach to penetrate your loved one's mind. The spell is cast for 13 nights by Ariah. It is best cast on the new moon or full moon of the month, although it can be cast at any time during the month. If there is a problem during casting, notes or pictures may be yielded.


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Fall Hopelessly in Love with Me by Ariah

  • Number of days cast: 13

    Target: males or females

    Yields pictures, report,notes, video: notes if problematic

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