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This is a different method of attracting your beloved to you that you may wish to try. This is a novel approach that utilizes old techniques that have been remastered and refined by Akio. The 14 nights casting will instill pure passion into your lover's mind, awakening anyone's passion toward you as well as increasing their love, affection, and bond with you. You can use it on men as well as women, and it will increase love, affection, and passion, so no matter where you are with your partner, this will help you move forward. Repeat until results are achieved.



Fire of love by Akio! Instill Burning passion in your beloved 🔱

  • Number of days cast: 14

    Target: males and females

    Yields pictures, report,notes, video: Picture of reference candle

    If we do not receive this form we will not be able to process your order.

    Process: step 1. Fill out all the requirements step 2. upload your pictures in the order form or send pictures to Erin step 3. Erin will prepare your order step 4. your order will be sent to scheduling 24 to 72 hours after being prepared step 5. check your spam folder step 6. receive your notification of the dates of the spell step 7. receive your one-time notification of your order being cast. Warning ⚠️ Not sending pictures or info will result in scheduling delays!!

  • Your name 

    Your target's name

    Your date of Birth

    Your target's date of birth if you have it.

    Geographical location of each.

    A picture of your target 

    A picture of you.

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