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This is a Hoodoo Spell cast by our Practitioner Diana for three weeks or so, in this case, the period that goes from New Moon to Full Moon. When the Moon is increasing in size it is said to be Waxing. This is the perfect time to place spells that will cause a growth of feelings. Come To Me is the most traditional of the Hoodoo casting. It is designed to make a person come to you depending on the situation you are currently in. It makes him/her want to see you and want to interact with you all the way to wanting to be in your arms. Again, it all depends on where your starting point is with the person in question but it definitely improves your relationship. The Come to Me has no negative effects whatsoever. It does yield a report at the end of casting so you will know how your target reacted 

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Come To ME by Diana (SINGLE RUN)

  • Your Name 

    Your Target's Name 

    Picture of YOU 

    Picture of your Target 

    Date of Births of Both if known

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