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Three Nights Casting and Summoning of Sitri for Lust of a Woman toward a Man, a Man toward a Woman, a Man toward a Man, a Woman toward a Woman. Our owner Jen will summon Sitri for three nights for you. You can expext to feel this casting and so will your target. Vibrations of sex, love, lust will be sent to your target through Sitri on your behalf. Powerful Spell to instill Lust in someone. Best done under Full Moon. Notice: Sitri will be sent out to your target. Sitri will remain in your target's field to provoke sexual thoughts and images of you. You target will receive constant messages for three nights. Please try to remain calm during this time. Please refrain from making contact with your target during this casting. Allow your target to make contact with you. If he/she does contact you, respond nicely and keep it short. Don't overdo during the three days of casting. Let your target take the lead.



Summoning Of Sitri For Lust, Love of a Woman or a Man

  • send everything soon after you order to


    Picture of you

    Picture of your target (please do not edit, crop or the like the target HAS to be in the picture alone because the picture was taken with the target ALONE) Please make sure your target's full face is in the frame and with no sunglasses on

    Date of birth of you (date of birth of your target ONLY if you have it)

    Full Names at birth of both

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