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Take note! Have you ever had a relationship interfered with by another person? Maybe it is the other party, but it doesn't have to be. Sometimes, relationships do not flourish due to the existence of a rival! Someone around your target that drains the life out of your connection and reduces your chances of connecting with that special person, which can be extremely irritating and frustrating! There are times when you cannot move forward with your relationship until this rival has vanished completely. An example of this would be the target's mother, friend, coworker, or someone who is also interested in your target as well as the target's boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, or husband. There is a distinct difference between the hot foot and the go away bitch. It is not geographical in nature. It acts in a manner that is intended to remove a specific person from a target. Originally, this product was designed to get rid of that rival who is competing for the affection of your target. We have observed that it is very effective on women, but we have also used it on men, girlfriends, ex-girlfriends, ex-wives, and ex-mothers and fathers in laws. It is imperative that it is cast two times consecutively. As an example, if you order the first nemesis on a Monday, you will order a second one on the following Monday. The majority of these "pests" can usually be eliminated by back-to-back castings. However, every situation is different and there may be a need for a third and fourth casting. It is imperative that you do not expose yourself to the individual for whom you are submitting this order.During the casting of this Nemesis, you must not see this person or view their social media accounts. In the event that you happen to run into the target of this Nemesis while we are casting it (this can be through social media, hearing about them from someone, or running into them in person) you must notify us immediately as we might need to add one more night as a casting extension. We refer to the rival as a pest! Because it is!



Go Away BXXXH!Optimum Nemesis! Coven Cast!

  • Number of days cast: 9

    Target: males and females

    Yields pictures, report,notes, video: None 

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