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This is a Defreezer. It is very powerful and some of our clients have had excellent results with this spell. We want to be very careful about what we say here because this is a very powerful spell. It REALLY depends on WHERE you are with your target:

Have you two started a sexual relationship and then stop? Then, this is perfect for you as we found that this spell may help restart sexual relations.

Are you talking to a new target who is leaning to be with you but you have not had a sexual encounter with that person? This can help you but it might take a bit longer. However, you should be able to see a change of behavior in your target but you might have to repeat this more than once.

Are you in a friend with benefits situation but have not heard from your target? This spell may work for you.

Are you in a sexless marriage? This spell may help you rekindle intimacy with your husband or wife.

Are you with your partner and are trying to have a baby? THIS IS NOT A PREGNANCY SPELL BUT since it does increase sexual relations, we have seen clients getting pregnant with this one.



 This spell basically tells your target to have sexual relations with you! And some of our clients have seen results pretty fast! However, not all clients are the same. Nevertheless, this spell does bring the target to you and it's very powerful in doing so. All of us at Jenny Demonic have tried this spell and many of our clients have tried this spell over the years and we have had amazing success overtime.We also found that if we repeat this spell three times over a period of a month clients have better results but some clients have results with ONE cast and right away so you just have to see how your target responds. It really depends on where you are with your target but this is why we are offering both a single peak (or single cast) and a double peak (or double cast).

This spell is a defreezer and does NOT yield a report. This spell will also make you a bit irritable while it's been cast. You will feel this spell and so will your target. 

We remind the obvious of taking the time to watch our video on top of our products page to know how to order correctly and to send pictures and information soon after you ordered.



I am Your Ecstasy Double Peak By Erin

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