This is a very special product, possibly offered exclusively for a limited period of time. It is a three-way morphic and strikes the target from three different angles: angle 1, angle 2, and angle 3. Angle 1: for your target to miss you and miss your presence; angle 2, for your target to need you and crave you physically and emotionally; angle 3, for your target to want you. This is a very powerful energetic product. It is cast for nine nights-three nights for each angle to fully encompass your target. Jen will perform a mini video reading before casting. Upon ordering, Jen will conduct a mini video reading. The video will be sent to you. The video will then be sent to the Morphic caster. In addition to the order, we need a brief description of where you are in relation to your target. It's a great way to get both a mini reading and spell casting at the same time. As with any Morphic product, it needs to be repeated periodically.

I Miss You, Need You, Want You! Three Way Morphic & Kinetic Energy!

  • Full names of both.

    Date of birth of you.

    Date of Birth of your target if known.

    A separate picture of you and your target. 

    A brief description of where you are with the target.

    Send everything soon after ordering to Erin for quick processing.